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The First Web3 IP Project Based On A Famous Homonymic Science-fiction IP Overhound  Incubated by FORSIN Lander.


Animation | 3A GameFi | 2023

PV (coming soon)



Future is nightmare...


The future world is no longer suitable for human habitation. A large number of human beings choose to abandon their bodies, extract their consciousness and upload into virtual world – Mountaintop.

The world of “Mountaintop” is the last haven for human survival. But most people do not know that the real world outside is a metal jungle threatened by growing crises. And there is even a mysterious specie called “Last Descendant”. Whether it is a cruel environment or an unknown creature, it is always about to devour the last hope of human civilization.

It is the conscious elite group selected from the “Mountaintop”, who will defend humankind. They will return to the real world and resist all the threats of invasion once they are given new bodies and equipped with several kinds of advanced weapons.

Perhaps no one knows their existence, but they all share the same title – OVERHOUND.


Eternity can be a curse...


Only a tiny minority of women will be gifted with special conciousness, they are called the Refluxer.
Refluxers can resonate with the Refluxity in order to foresee the environment change and find the enemy. Even though the overhound die in battle, they have 95.26% chance to reborn as long as the Memory Core remains. In most cases the Refluxer will be the commander of the tactical team to survive the severe environment during exploration. The special status of  Refluxers also made themselves the major protect target of the Overhound.


Discover the truth...


The Overhound has three classes. Slaughter, the cheif combat personnel. Inpirator, the agile refluxity hunter and Disassembler, the heavy armored fighter with body reinforcement. They protect the MountainTop, fight against the vital Ptolemy environment and an unidentified beings, the Last Descendents. The Last Descendents has uncertain forms, most are like mixture of  skeletons from many beasts with metal covering their surfaces. There are also some special type, such as the Mercury fast moving in the Ptolemy structure, the supergiant last descendant, the Apocalypse etc. But all Last Descendants' active area must be covered with the Ptolemy structure.

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