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Foreshadow Studios has 12 year experience of high quality IP incubation with more than authorized and private IPs, raised fund over 20 million dollars for IP adaption into animation and games, has over 100 team members, participate in many  top-class 3D animations and 3A game production.

Foreshadow  Studios

Desert Space

Desert Space, the metaverse in development to help individuals and organizations to build and run their own digital space in the world of Web3. Team Desert owns the Web3 incubator Cab 3.0 and its online innovation platform which has large mount of seasoned Web3 builders. Desert has numerous resources in both traditional businesses and tech industry to help FORSIN develop their own world.


Indielight Incubator is a game incubation , help game developers build teams and raised fund, help over 130+ games from all over the world including famous game Dyson Sphere Project with over 2 million sales.

LingLong Animation

Linglong Animation is a multi-type video production animation team based on science and technology, in addition to production of several top-class movies and animations, Linglong also has a coorperation with FRACK, Epic Games, ByStack and other top companies, has a highest quality UE5 video production line and related research and development ability.

Nebula Verse


The first ERC-5528/ERC-721R Portocol-empowered anti-breakage and anti-dilution launchpad platform that organically integrates with embedded WebgamePedia for user fusion and Diamond Hand Snaphots (DHS) functionality for counter-depreciation of token price. NebulaVerse's Tech is underlyingly-supported by Sequoia Capital, Polygon DAO, BSC, AVAX,, Moonbeam, Iotex, Bitkeep & TP.

TriEagles Studio

TES Studio specializes in the production of collectible sculpture products, including character sculpture  from BANDAI Tekken series, CAPCOM Street Fighter series, SNK King of Fighter series , Naruto, Bleach, One-punch-man and famous artist WLOP.

Experts and counselors

Project incubator

FORSIN is a walker on implementing creator economy in Web3 era. We provide solutions and add value for IP builders as upstream service for the metaverse industry. To create brand new IP and content with community, for the community in the new era​.


to be unveiled.




Always take the interests and experience of the community members into consideration first.

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